BillFlash Billing, Payment, Collection, and RCM Services Deliver Great Value to Your Customers

  • Billers Love Easier Bill Processing & Better Payment Results 
  • Payers Enjoy Preferred Mobile & Online Billing & Payment Options
  • Resellers Earn New Recurring Revenue

BillFlash Services are fully integrated throughout the revenue cycle and
create exceptional user experiences & financial outcomes via these integrated sites

(for Billers)

BillFlash centralizes & simplifies all aspects of billing & payments to help Billers Get Paid more & faster

  • Billing – Review, Approve, & Send mailed bills and/or eBill notices
  • Payments – Accept Payer-entered & Office-entered payments
  • Integrated Collections – Send & manage patient collections
  • Payers – Manage Payer information
  • Reporting – Billing & Payment visibility & insights
  • Billing Software Integration

(for Payers)

MyProviderLink makes it easy for Payers to view their bill details & balances and make payments

  • View Bills – Payers can view eBills and make payments
  • Make Payments – Payers can pay bills 24×7 with an account or with GuestPay
  • Payer Communications – Personalized site messaging for Payers
  • Browser-Based – No app required

(for Resellers)

NexTrust is designed to help Resellers access to reports, account information, and resources

  • Co-Marketing Resources – Access BillFlash sales & marketing resources
  • Reports – Access Biller account &  reseller income reports
  • Account – Manage Reseller account