How is BillFlash sold?
BillFlash is sold primarily through BillFlash Resellers.

Why do Billers choose BillFlash vs. other alternatives?
Ease of use, speed, cost & time savings, customization, reliability, and integration.

Does NexTrust provide any marketing support to BillFlash Resellers?
Yes. NexTrust provides extensive marketing support to BillFlash Resellers. Examples include customizable brochures, sample mailers, and website content.

How fast can Billers enroll and begin using BillFlash?
NexTrust representatives assist each new Biller to complete our online enrollment in about 10-20 minutes, which is followed by a 30-45 minute setup and training call.

How much support does the BillFlash Reseller have to provide?
Normally, no support is required by BillFlash Resellers since NexTrust provides all setup, training, and ongoing support for Billers.

How much does it cost me to sign up?
We do not currently charge a fee to become an Authorized BillFlash Reseller.

How are BillFlash Resellers compensated?
BillFlash Resellers earn commissions from referred Biller billing & payment transactions.