is the secure online portal where payers can easily pay their bills, view past bills, and check their balance any time. This improves the payment experience and reduces calls to your office.

Biller Benefits:

How does improve revenue
& the payment experience?


Fast and Convenient

Most people prefer to pay their bills online. is easy to use and has all the tools patients need to manage their bills.


Collect Payments in Full Over Time

Set up a payment plan for payers who need to or prefer to pay large bills over time.


Pre-Visit Payments

Send pre-visit charges to patients using a unique URL so they can pay you before they even enter the office or start a telehealth visit.


Securely Store Information

Patients can save their payment information to use on future payments and to set up automatic payments.


No App Required

The payment interface is browser based allowing payers to simply pay on the website. No need to download an app and payments can be made without setting up an account.